Migration and Updates

October 12th 2012 at 11:09pm

Finally moved my website over to a more liberating webhost (NFSN) and couldn't be happier. Switched to a new CMS called stacey, and rewrote templates to my liking. I haven't been working a whole lot on this just because I have a lot of commitments both at school and on my own (so many projects to finish, so little time). Things to finish up this semester now include:

  1. The p86 assembler replacement for SYSC2001 (github)
  2. The second revision of the quadrotor, to be built around the new TI Stellaris LaunchPad.
  3. Push the GeSHi extension to stacey to github.
  4. Do items 4-n on my list.

This should be interesting.