About Me

I'm Hasith Vidanamadura, a college student at Carleton University, Ottawa, ON.  A resident of Ottawa, a former resident of Newton, MA, and originally from Colombo, Sri Lanka, I'm a Computer Systems Engineering undergrad, which happens to be one of my passionate interests.
I have been working with the Systems and Computer Engineering department at Carleton University over the summer, building and deploying an automated testing platform for cooperative robotics under the guidance of Professor Schwartz. When I'm not blowing fuses and resoldering power regulators at work, I enjoy photography, trail riding around Ottawa, reading datasheets, and playing with microcontrollers late into the night. If you can tear me away from a compiler or a 20W soldering iron, I can also be found reading late-20th century literature, and foraying into the streets of Ottawa (and Boston when possible) with friends in search of food, fun, and more food. Find me on LinkedIn, Flickr, GitHub,Google+ or drop me an email.